Bio: Since the age of 12, Nazar has been a natural businessman. Playing instruments and singing on holidays in public, making and selling wood crafts to the local community, the seed was planted early on for what would eventually become long-term success. After coming to U.S. at age of 15 and speaking little to none English, receiving education and trying different odd jobs, having disputes with an employer that wanted him to clean rather than closing an important sale, Nazar realized that working for himself would control his destiny in America.

In 1999, at age of 19, Nazar opened his first business. Over the years of his entrepreneurship Nazar has experienced a vest verity of business fields.

From constriction and development to design and hospitality, Nazar started consulting in these fields.

The passion for building, business finance and structure has evolved to creation of a Real Estate holding company.

For the past several years, Nazar has developed a passion for race cars. To Nazar, running a business is a lot like one of his greatest passions, racing cars. He believes, “You have to stay laser-focused when driving a car over 200 miles an hour, and the same approach is required when growing a business in today’s world of rapidly changing technology.”

In summary, Nazar is a great marketer, strategist and deal closer. He lives in Cambridge with wife and two daughters Victoria and Mia.

12 Rules & Principals for Success:

  1. Never give up – never retreat, never surrender.
  2. Be aware of your weak points and support them with other’s strengths.
  3. Project your future ahead enough that you can see it.
  4. Always take needed rest and recover.
  5. Save for the rainy day.
  6. Risk as if the deal already gone bad and calculate the consequences of the loss.
  7. Success is pain, take it well and with pleasure, no pain no gain.
  8. Don’t fool yourself, ideas and thoughts don’t make money – actions do.
  9. Excuses, explanations, uncertainty are not a part of a forged battle sword
  10. Be a student. Read, listen, learn to advance yourself every day.
  11. What you give and what you get allies to everything including your brain and your body – feel your body only what makes it function better and makes your operate stronger, longer.
  12. Be officiant with your time, time has a price to it, invest it wisely.